Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Frida Kahlo dressed for Halloween

Frida with Pumpkin on sale in my ebay store NOW!

Happy Halloween this Month, my the years flying by!

I sell custom Halloween dogs Trick or Treating, above see westies and yorkies all dressed in their Halloween costumes, too cute!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I HAVE THESE ART SCENES ON SALE AT EBAY NOW! YOU can get the divas hair & eye colors CUSTOM made just for you, just let me know what color hair and eyes to put on your art scene! These make fantastic gifts for the scottish terrier dog lovers.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


WOW! Another fun Christmas scene that can be custom designed just for you! Tell me what colors to use, what pets, what purses, shoes, boots, etc, PLUS you can get your family names on the stockings on the mantel.
I made Snow Baby in Pink but she's gonna be pretty in Red or Blue or any color you want! I can do the walls/floor different too, just tell me what you want, i can even paint a hardwood floor.

This makes a beautiful "one of a kind" personalized present for that lady that has everything and is so hard to buy for! Email me if youre interested with " Santa Baby " in the subject line, at Happy Shopping this year! Debbie

Monday, September 29, 2008

Christmas Diva with YOUR pets

Custom ART print, made just for you! This little lady can be personalized in many way, i put YOUR hair & eye color, you choose the picture to go into the wall frame, you can even email me a pix to use for that. The scene on the left was an order i did for a lady with 2 cats. See the cute yorkie dog in the chair, well i can do 1-3 pets in this scene. The yorkie could be a cat or any other breed of dog, i would put the other pets around the floor. The diva is opening a designer handbag for her gift, which i can personalize with YOUR bag or send me a photo of a purse you "want" and i can incorporate it.
This makes a wonderful custom Gift!

Christmas Shopoholic Diva & Dog & CAT prints

Welcome to my Blog. I sell my custom design Shopoholic diva with pets on ebay. I custom design them for you with any race, hairdo, hair & eye color, dress color, a designer purse or handbag, store names on shopping bags that YOU choose, and i paint your pets, i allow one or two pets, for a standard price, but can add more for extra cost. Be sure to visit my ebay link to buy one!

The one at left i just finished her today. She is an order i sold on ebay.